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Ascension Reiki - The Light of Unity

was channelled by Joseph of Aragon, Head of one the Twenty-four Main Civilisations, one of the Council of Nine and Im-Hotep, builder of the Step Pyramid, to Grahame Wyllie, Reiki Master, “Keeper of the Keys” and Psychic Healer, in the early Spring of 1998.

There are those of us who work with Reiki with total commitment and integrity, who are then able to access our higher consciousness and knowledge and so re-activate our past powerful healing abilities. Some realise that they have become channels and are able to bring in evolutionary and additional symbols and attunements - tools - for the benefit of all human kind.

So it is with Ascension Reiki

Through its beautiful and gentle energy it enables us to connect with the Fourth and Fifth dimensional levels, allowing those attuned to and practising it to clear blocked energies, making our path to Ascension easier by releasing the traumas and sufferings of our Souls' aspects.

Its singular intent is to connect us to all "Life Kingdoms", including the Mineral, the Nature Spirits, the Angelic Realms, Star Radiance, both the Masculine and Feminine energies, and to our own planet, Mother Earth.

The vibrations of Ascension Reiki are subtle and powerful and enable us to unite our limited physical expression of being to the Whole
- the "One State Of All That Is".

Linking Ascension Reiki to all other Reiki Practices, though quick and simple, multiplies and refines the healing energy to the higher degree that is needed for the healee.  But, as with all Reiki, the power of the energy is limited to the user's ability to handle it, thus it is a safe healing for both the giver and receiver.

Joseph of Aragon clearly stated that this joyful and compassionate energy is for sharing - it is here for all who wish to receive it and work with it for their own, for others, and for Mother Earth’s benefit.  

Through the additional Attunement to Ascension Reiki we hold and ground all the Levels of Ascension into the Earth for all Life Kingdoms - it is here NOW, and accessible, for all Humanity.

PLEASE RING ME - 01223 891729 - for Further Details and Class Dates

ASCENSION REIKI ONE-DAY ATTUNEMENT CLASS:  75.00 – Inclds. Extensive Class Manual  

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