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Thought Field Therapy and Reiki
Working Together

Since introducing Thought Field Therapy as an intrinsic part of the work we do to help those coming to Rumwood for Healing Retreats, we have discovered the miraculous abilities the two therapies possess when we use them together.

Reiki Healing can bring to the surface the deep Core Issue that is the root cause of hidden Multiple-Negative Emotions which cause Anxiety, Depression, Fear and Trauma and Addictive Behaviour.

These negative emotions can be the result of fear and trauma experienced many years ago, in early adulthood or childhood.  In some cases they are carried over from past lives.

Receiving Reiki BEFORE Thought Field Therapy Treatment enables this sudden realisation to come into focus.

Thought Field Therapy is then able to remove this perturbation
from the body's emotional energy field.

Receiving a 2nd Reiki Healing, enables the recipient to re-centre their energy positively and helps to focus their mind and spirit on the realisation,

"that the negative has been released and that it can now be left behind"

They are then able to move forward in their lives with
courage, strength and confidence.

"I wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful day last Friday.  The effects of it are still with me and I feel very calm and centred.  I find I can still hurry to do things but I don't have the "wound-up like a spring" feeling that has always accompanied it in the past.  It has even affected my appetite in that I'm not experiencing high and low mood swings and so my appetite is normal and am avoiding sweet binges.  I feel a new, and better woman!"

This lady was suffering from a known anger caused by the blocked trauma of the death soon after the birth of her first-born child 15 years ago.

The awareness that there is the need to work with Reiki and Thought Field Therapy together only becomes clear whilst the Healee is here at Rumwood for a Treatment, or a Weekend or Day Retreat.

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