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Thank you so much for attuning me to Reiki and bringing such positive change into my life.  I remember you saying that you "woke up" and that seems to be a fitting description of how I have felt since: awake to a new dimension of life, new possibilities and energy and love.  It is a great gift, which I cherish.  Synchronicity seems to be abundant in everything I do and I can feel the light within me reaching out to others...  Liz

Reiki is special - I shall never forget that moment of release, healing the relationship between me and my Mother during my fourth Attunement ...... It has helped me cope better at work.  Thank you for giving so much, for a wonderful weekend, which I hold in great wonder and gratitude...   Angela

Here I am, 3 days on from our most amazing weekend.  Thank you for your kind hospitality, for sharing your home your thoughts and your wisdom - what an opportunity to open the mind!...   Vivien

I have waited a while to write because I could not believe the feeling of calmness and serenity that fills me - I thought it was too good to last - but it has!  Bless you for an unforgettable and unbelievable weekend, and, so far I am controlling the pain in my knee...   Lucy

Thank you for a lovely weekend - I feel so much happier this time, and I know I have benefited a great deal, there have been some very subtle changes...
Lynda - Reiki "Re-Attunement"

Many thanks for your caring and your time given with so much love.  I feel very moved by so much given as I start my journey...   Jo

Thanks for the weekend of Reiki - I feel as if I've been given something precious that will always be there for me...    Stephen

Thank you so much with all my heart for helping me "find" it again!  Now I am happy, I can't stop smiling and no longer feel overwhelmed with pain.  Thank you for your kindness, love and compassion - the most precious gifts of all...    Camille

Many thanks for a wonderful weekend - I felt really uplifted and positive that I was doing the right thing for me...  I feel that I am appreciating my life more, and am more aware of the beauty and the possibilities open to me...   Sheila

Thank you for a wonderful week end, it was very powerful for me...   Denise

I honour you as my Reiki Master - I feel the Reiki I have received through you is of the purest, it is the centre of the trunk grounded in the earth.  That which I received before was only an "harmonic"...
Grahame - Reiki "Re-Attunement".

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