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1st & 2nd Degree Reiki Attunement & Training Classes are each given over a total Three-Days.

The first Two Days are usually held over a Weekend.

However, it is possible to arrange Mid-Week Classes if week days are more convenient.

The Third Class Day is the Post-Attunement Review Day. It is held within 3 months of your Attunement Class – and it is absolutely vital to complete your Reiki Training for each degree.

Classes are small - from 2 to 4 students. This gives everyone the time needed to integrate the Reiki Energy and also to receive the Attunements individually.

I am happy to take Individual Attunement One-to-One Classes, which sometimes are more appropriate for the Student. Also, I can come to you if you are ill or bed-ridden, and unable to leave your home.

Reiki 1st Degree - once a month.
Reiki 2nd Degree - as and when Students are ready.
Reiki Mastership - this is individually arranged for each Student and is taught over a period of time. Please contact me for full details regarding the Reiki Master Apprenticeship and Master Attunement. Also, please see the details under Reiki Master Training.

FEES for the Reiki Attunement Classes and Healing Treatments

REIKI 1st DEGREE – First 2 Day Class:  150.00 Attunement Review Day: 50.00

REIKI 2nd DEGREE – First 2 Day Class: 300.00 Attunement Review Day 50.00

REIKI MASTERSHIP:  1,000.00 See: Reiki Master Training

REIKI REVIEW DAY: 65.00 – This One-Day Continued Professional Development Seminar is open to ALL who are Attuned to Reiki – 1st & 2nd Degree Students & Masters. It is a Day of Reiki Additional Supportive Meditation and Practise, Open Discussion and Sharing - giving you focused time to go deeper into your Practice of Reiki and counts towards your Continued Professional Development. See: Advanced Reiki Seminars.

REIKI HEALING: 25.00 an Hour – Treatment time: 2 Hours.

Reiki with Spiritual Life-Guidance is also available. – Treatment time: 3 Hours.

100.00 - Full Board for 2 Days
50.00 - Full Board for 1 Night & 2 Days *
* This is recommended for students driving more than 30 miles to Rumwood - Light and Healing for the Class. A long drive home on the Saturday Evening can be a strain and disturbing! For Students living locally, Day Attendance is acceptable.

Attunement to each degree is Certificated and the Fee includes your Comprehensive Manual covering the Theory, Practice and Spiritual Understanding of Reiki - and your Lunches.

If you would like to arrange an Attunement Class in your area, I will be very happy to come to you.  Please ring me and we can discuss the details.

Please ring me:

Mary Ellis - Reiki Master
Cardinal's Green, Horseheath, Cambridge,  CB21 4QX
Tel: 01223 891729          Fax: 01223 892596

Email: maryellis@reikiteaching.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: It is more personal to check dates and details by telephone; we can “meet,be able to speak together and I can answer any queries and questions - so I prefer not to arrange bookings via Email if possible!

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