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Creative – Powerful – Transformational


Weekends - MARCH  24/25     OR    JUNE 30/JULY 1   

Arrival 9.45 for 10 am Start – Finish 5.30pm


The Transformation Game recreates your journey through life.

Giving you clear insights and feedback on the key issues in your life it shows you how to take positive action and responsibility for your life



Through the receipt of -

Insight Cards, Set-Back Cards, Intuitive Flash, Feed-back and Awareness Cards

together with working on all levels of your existence - The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual - The Transformation Game highlights your strengths, identifies blind spots, opens inspirational doorways and brings fresh perspectives to your current life challenges.


The Game - a Board Game - is played with a supportive and interactive group of

 4 Players - it gives you a safe space to:


·         Let go of self-imposed limitation.

Remove the blocks that block your spontaneity, fulfilment and success.

Get out of you own way - and - step into your power.


·         Remember your strengths - and - resolve to work with them!

Uncover new possibilities through understanding your whole self.


·         Create a practical Action Plan to handle your current transition

and set out your next steps for immediate action.


The Transformation Game gives you a sideways look at the key issues in your life in a totally unexpected way with an energy that is unlike anything you will experience elsewhere.  It has an uncanny knack of revealing even the most deeply hidden blocks to fulfilment enabling you to:


·         Release the stress, strain and pain of fighting against life.

·         Lift the depression and fear around your current issues.

·         Discover what you can do to transform interpersonal conflict.


The Transformation Game

reflects - counsels - heals - stimulates - transforms

allowing deep and profound real-life change to happen.


Give yourself a Weekend off – Come and Play It!

With Facilitators -  Mary & Robin Ellis


Fee: £100.00 - includes all Refreshments and Lunches.


RING  -  01223 891729  -  TO BOOK NOW

Numbers are limited - The Game is for just 4 Players - and is held at:



Cardinal’s Green   Horseheath   Cambridge CB21 4QX






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