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An Intensive One-Day Seminar

To Take you Deeper into the Heart of Reiki


“Being Reiki” is an Advanced Day of Training for

2nd Degree Reiki Students, Practitioners, Masters & Teachers. 


Go deeper into the actual meaning of the three 2nd Degree Symbols:

Meaning - the literal translation of each of the separate Japanese words that together form and sound the Yantra / Mantra of each Symbol.  The Empowerment Symbol - often taught as just being “the symbol that switches on the energy” actually carries a far more powerful energy for healing - and empowerment - than is normally understood and realised by many Students and Teachers.


Work at a Deeper Level with The Reiki Principles:

Assessing our relationship with them: how they have opened up deeper awareness as we work with them and live each day within their support, intent and energy: how have we progressed within these simple but demanding Principals in relationship with ourselves, our work and our spiritual growth?


Learn and Practise a Meditation that enables you to achieve “non-attachment:”

This is a very powerful meditation focusing Reiki Energy on, and within, the Heart Chakra. It gives you your own inner awareness of how you are affected by both positive and negative emotions.


Focus on a Deep 13 Point Healing Meditation:

Using the Distant Healing process this meditation enables you to send Reiki through the power of the mind – to present issues as well as to ones in the past and the future.


Share in a Session of Open Discussion

“Where are we NOW - Within Reiki?”

Exploring our own individual development through our relationship with Reiki.  The ways in which we use it personally for our own empowerment and transformation - and how this has affected our close relationship with others and the lives of those with whom we work and come into contact.


“Being Reiki” is an Empowering Day

designed to give you greater understanding

of the depth and profundity of Reiki.

Through the acquisition of this knowledge and wisdom you will gain greater insights and support for yourself, for others and for your Clients and Students.


It is a Certificated Seminar


will count towards your Continuing Professional Development. 


If you have reached the point in your Reiki Practice when you feel that you may be ready to begin your Reiki Master Apprenticeship this Seminar will give you the opportunity for a clearer self-assessment to help you with your decision.


The Seminar is held at

Rumwood – Light and Healing

Cardinal’s Green Horseheath Cambridge CB21 4QX


Class Dates

Saturday 30th March

Sunday 3rd June

Saturday 18th August

Sunday 4th November


Arrival:   9.45 for 10am Start  -  Finish:   5 to 5.30pm

 Fee:  90.00 - includes your Class Notes, Lunch & Refreshments

Class size is a maximum of 8 students

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I can also offer this Seminar at a venue in your locality.

Please ring me on 01223 891729 to discuss details.

If you organise a Seminar for a minimum of 8 Students, including yourself,

then your place is free-of-charge.


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