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For  Reiki Students, Practitioners, Masters and Teachers. 


These are Intensive One-Day Classes to further both your understanding of Reiki and your application of the therapy, whether you use for it for yourself, your family and friends, or if you are a Professional Practitioner.

They will also count towards your Continuing Professional Development if you are a Registered Practitioner working with the general public, either privately or within the NHS.



My 15 years as a Reiki Practitioner and 11 years as a Teaching Master have taught me so much.  Now as I support and guide my Master Students through their Apprenticeship, I have reached the point within my own development when I am able to support you – all of you who have been Attuned to Reiki – to a far greater degree. 

 I have been greatly blessed by all those who have taught me Reiki, my own Masters and many Reiki colleagues, and those whom I have had the honour to teach as their Master.  We are all teachers, each for the other, and in the process we are always teaching and learning exactly what it is we need to experience within each and every moment of ”Now”.

 These seminars will help to take you into deeper levels of your own personal development.  Deeper into your growing awareness, perception and empowerment within the energy of Reiki.  They will also help you to be fully aware of the incredible profundity of “what Reiki is” and of the honour and respect that we all owe to this universal, spiritual energy – which, through the empowered focus of our integrity and intent, is “The Dynamic Manifestation of the Healing Power of Compassionate Love”.

Please ring me – 01223 891729 – or click on the following links if you wish to know more or to discuss the details of the following Advanced Reiki Seminars.


Reiki Attunement Review

Being Reiki”

Ascension Reiki


The Seminars are held at Rumwood – Light and Healing.

This is my home, a Therapy and Healing Centre which I run together with my partner and husband, Robin Ellis, who is a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner and Trainer.

Rumwood is set amid the beautiful rolling countryside of South Cambridgeshire.  It is a peaceful and very positive place, full of light and surrounded by lovely gardens and expansive views.

Whether you come to participate in a Seminar, for a Reiki Attunement Class, or to receive peace and healing through Reiki & Spiritual Life Guidance - everyone is welcomed into our home as a friend. 


I can also offer these Seminars at a venue in your locality.

Please ring me on 01223 891729 to discuss details.

If you organise a Seminar for a minimum of 8 Students, including yourself,

then your place is free-of-charge.


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