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Attunement to the Mastership is your 100% Commitment TO BE Reiki.

To be “Universal Unconditional Compassionate Love” in all that you are and all

that you do in your life, your living, your relationship and your work.


Master Training is an Apprenticeship:  A journey towards that moment when, through your gradual learning and assimilation of the necessary inner perception, you evolve to an awareness within you that you know what it is “to be” a Master: one who is able to accept that profound responsibility  “the ability-to-respond as a Master,” in your life.

The Training is one-to-one over a series of days, or half days:  It begins with a Full Day of Reiki discussion and clarification, re-capping your Reiki Journey to the present “now” point of beginning your Master Apprenticeship, culminating in your receiving the Reiki Master Attunement together with the Initial Instruction and Guidance.

From that moment I, as your Master, will be there for you whenever you need support.  Further personal training is given through guidance, being in touch with me and spending time together sharing and working on your individual experiences and gradual evolvement.

These experiences can be very challenging and also very surprising!

Trainee Master Days:  These sessions are working together with other Trainee Masters and also Masters who have moved through their Apprenticeship, have declared their Mastery and are continuing their on-going Master Journey – we all go on evolving for ever! 

Teaching:  When you reach the stage where you feel that, possibly, teaching is going to be a part of your “being a Master” then you sit-in on my Reiki Classes: listening, observing, absorbing and, also, taking a lead part yourself within the Class.  Your experiences and evolvement as a Apprentice Master are of equal value to those taking their beginning, or second, step of their Reiki Journey as they are to you - AND - to me!

First you attend a 1st Degree Class – then – at a later stage the 2nd Degree

Even if you are NOT sure that teaching Reiki is going to be the central part of your Master Practice it is vital that you attend these Classes, as well as The Reiki Attunement Review Class.  Each participation will lead you to deeper understanding of the profundity of exactly what Reiki is.

When you are ready to Teach I teach you the Attunement Process for the 1st Degree:

This is a major decision - one that I discuss with you but trust, and accept, as entirely yours: it is your responsibility.  When you begin it is essential that you teach this Level of Reiki for a minimum of 1 year before learning and teaching the 2nd Degree Attunement.

Teaching the 1st Degree first is essential - you learn how to teach the 2nd Degree!

Your Journey to Mastery will be “your” journey – it will not be your Master’s: 

My experience was the one that I needed – yours will be the one you need. 

The understanding and acceptance of this by both Student and Master is vital.

It is a central part of the whole shared process.


I, as your Master, am only able to guide you through your Apprenticeship because I was willing to accept my own responsibility to make, and am still making, my own journey to mastery.  Only through my own process of continual learning and enlightenment am I now able to support and assist you.


I cannot teach you to be a Reiki Master, no one can:  Neither is it obtainable by attending a single Weekend Master Class, receiving basic instruction, theory and a manual. 

Reiki Mastership is learnt through the process of “you teaching you.”


“It isn’t Mary who has taught me to be a Reiki Master – it is I who have taught myself – but Mary has been there, walking with me through the process” … Jeannette


There is no fixed time limit for the process of Apprenticeship: 

It is the ”inner you within you” that will know when each stage if fully experienced.

You will know when you are ready to accept the honour and the responsibility to be...


A Reiki Master – A Master of Yourself





When will you be ready to guide a Student to Reiki Mastership?

Probably not for some time!  I was not ready to accept this responsibility for 5 years – after – my own Master Attunement!  Remember that very relevant truth – “When the Master is ready- the Student will appear.”  My own Reiki Teaching began in this way in 1997.


Reiki Mastery is something that cannot be discussed via e-mail!

The whole training and process is one that is very personal, individually tailored for each student and conducted

on a one-to-one basis.


You need to know and trust me

and I need to know and trust you!


If this resonates with your understanding of becoming a Reiki Master

then please do contact me and we can discuss the issues.   

01223 891729



Fee:  Reiki Master Attunement and Training  -  £1,000.00


This includes all Class teaching, learning texts, your Certificate and

unlimited personal support and guidance throughout your Apprenticeship.



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