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This is Different – Effective – Powerful


It is a One-to-One Treatment

giving you a peaceful Three Hour Cycle of Time


Time:  To focus on yourself – your whole self – and your life.

Time: To receive Reiki Healing and be totally relaxed within the experience and so able to be aware of the empowering energy working within you.

Time: To experience the on-going flow of energy bringing greater clarity and perception to your arising thoughts, emotions and feelings - AND - to experience the growing sense of inner peace and calm that is now present within you at a much deeper and more aware level.


“Listening to what you are saying has opened my mind.  I can now see things in a different way”Grace

“Reiki has given me so much courage – to change”Cecilia

“I had no idea that Reiki could bring out so much - that I would be able to release my pain and distress”Peter

“You are so open and non-judgemental – and so generous with your time”Helena

“I appreciate working with you Mary, you are so open and totally impartial.  I feel safe to be myself”Vivien


What exactly is Spiritual Life Guidance?


It has the same personal energising positivity of life-coaching – except it focuses on the inner and deeper issues of your life.

Together with the profound ability of Reiki Energy, which opens the mind and spirit to the actual “root-causes” of our dis-ease, our suffering and pain, I can, through Spiritual Life-Guidance, help you to focus on those disturbing thoughts and emotions that can suddenly erupt in your life. The long-standing problems that need to be sorted: the searching questions that unexpectedly demand answers.  Unwanted stuff that is normally “swept under the carpet,” ignored while you cope with all the busy and stressful continuing necessities of life and living. 

But these issues need your focussed time to understand what’s going on – their seemingly disruptive presence is their desperate need to be acknowledged!

It is also your spiritual and physical need to acknowledge them!



Because these are the tools – the challenges – which will help to give you a far clearer understanding and acceptance of yourself.

Through allowing yourself time to be “with them”, discovering their purpose – “their outer and inner meaning” - you will begin to realise their true value – which is to help you move into far greater understanding and acceptance of yourself and your life, both the positive – and the negative experiences. 

 Reiki helps us to release our resistance. Working with your difficulties - as opposed to resisting them - you will find that you are able to release your resistance to whatever it is that you perceive as negative, disturbing and destroying in your life. You will discover that you can accept it as well as understand it.

This is the process that will take you to the point of being able to create greater peace and happiness, for yourself and for others in your life.


Receiving Spiritual Life Guidance with Reiki Healing will help you discover your real self.  It will give you peaceful and energising time to bring the whole of you - your body, mind and spirit  - into positive health and balance.


To book a treatment or just to discuss details


01223 891729


How I conceived my Practice of Spiritual Life Guidance

I have been a Reiki Practitioner for fourteen years and a Master for ten – and it has been a journey, and a time, of joyous, profound and far reaching change in my life.

It is through working with my Master Students, guiding them through their Reiki Master Apprenticeship, that I have realised the immense importance and need for Personal Spiritual Life Guidance within the process.

There is a deep and growing need for all of us to open up – to learn to understand, accept and work “with” - not - “against” everything that our lives present to us.

And the need to search for answers concerning the many changing, sometimes very difficult and destructive, events that are now erupting around us regarding not only our own lives and living – but also those that are exploding throughout the whole world.  These events are literally forcing us to our question the whole meaning and purpose of “life” itself!

Over the last few years my Reiki Treatments have become more and more a time of Spiritual Guidance working in conjunction with Reiki Energy during the physical application of healing.  This Spiritual Guidance has now become of equal importance for my clients as is the actual Reiki Healing Treatment itself.

My Reiki Attunement Classes have also moved more deeply into the spiritual understanding and application of Reiki.

Again, this shows me the urgent need for all of us to bring our body, mind and spirit, "Our Whole", into perfect balance - as perfect as is possible!

Within each of us there is a deep sense of “wholeness.”  This is the inner knowing that we are all “connected “ to each other – not separated individuals struggling through our lives.

To be “Whole” is to be totally healthy, both physically and spiritually.  When we are whole we do exist within the perfect balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.  Each of these is a whole within itself - but they cannot be separated from each other.  If they are, then we go “out of balance” and we are then separated from our Whole.

When this happens we feel lost and out of “sync.”  Life does become unbalanced, pressurised and stressed and our Immune Systems crash!  So often we can’t pin it down, we don’t know “why?”  And we don’t know “what to do!”  So – it all gets shoved back under wraps until it forces it way out again.

Reiki Is a deeply profound spiritual energy that helps to bring us back into our “whole.”  It realigns our body, emotion/mind and spirit, re-balancing them as one so that they work together positively and so support us in all our life and living.


Receiving a Reiki Healing can be just “the beginning.”

 “Attunement to Reiki” means that you can use this deeply loving energy at will whenever you need it – and you can also “give” it to others when they need it. 


Being Attuned to Reiki is a Life-Long Gift - which you give to yourself.


I am a Master Member of The UK Reiki Federation,

a Member of the NHS Alternative and Complementary Medical Association,

a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner,

and a Member of the British TFT Association.


Click here for details regarding Reiki Attunement



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