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Thought Field Therapy
The Power to Remove
from the
Body's Energy Field

 is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the root cause of negative emotions.

Using Thought Field Therapy Algorithms and Diagnostic Procedures, a precise and defined treatment sequence can be determined.  This is then applied by gentle finger tapping on specific Energy Meridian Points.

Thought Field Therapy has an unprecedented
success rate of up to 97%

Most people gain lasting relief from their problem 
within a few minutes!

No other treatment presently available, conventional or complementary can claim the same success rate, speed and completeness.

The key to this has been Dr. Roger Callahan's discovery of the Natural Code that governs the healing of psychological problems, as well as the effective treatment for the phenomenon of Psychological Reversal.  This is the tendency for some people unconsciously to self-sabotage their own recovery, despite outwardly seeking to free themselves of their problem. 

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