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How is a Treatment Given?

  Working with your Therapist, you are asked to "think and hold the thought" of your problem as clearly as possible in your mind.  While doing so, you are taken through a sequence, either ready made (called an Algorithm) or one which has been individually diagnosed for you, of tapping with your fingers on specific Energy Meridian Points on your upper body and hands.

  This activates the Thought Field associated with the problem and then subsumes the Perturbations within it.  These perturbations, discrete and isolatable parts of the Body's Energy System, are recognised as the cause of negative emotions.

  As each perturbation in the problem Thought Field is dealt with, the distress experienced diminishes until it is no longer present.  You can remember the problem, but experience no further associated emotional distress whatsoever.

Thought Field Therapy is completely pain-free.  There are no needles or any other instruments involved.  Nor do you have to talk at length about your problem over periods of many hours of consultation, which can often cause considerable distress.

YES - they are particularly responsive to, and also enjoy, the treatment.  Its simplicity and safety make it especially suitable for nervous children whose anxiety makes conventional treatment difficult.   There is no age barrier, all that is needed is that the child can understand and obey simple instructions.

YES - the therapeutic effect is predicable and immediate, with the majority of simple problems being resolved over one or two sessions.  Continuing self-help is always given, and recommended to maintain progress.

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