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Rumwood offers you One-Day Healing Retreats,

a day of Quality Time – Just for YOU – surrounded by

lovely gardens and peaceful countryside.


Giving you Personal 1-to-1 Support throughout your retreat – Mary and Robin 

Ellis work with you using Three Individual Therapies: 




THE LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS – which includes Toxin Testing and Alkali/Acid Re-Balancing.  

“THANK YOU again for a wonderful day - it is very special to me - you have literally changed my life.  I feel so much better in every way.”

You receive a Complete Mind, Body and Soul Treatment:
•  REIKI restores you sense of Self-Worth – Your Own Power to take Responsibility for Yourself.  It gives you the strength and courage to make the necessary changes in your thoughts, attitudes and way of living and so able to begin to create a happier and healthier life.


  THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY is a non-invasive, drug and needle-free system which eliminates the “root cause” of all negative emotional pain and distress.  Phobias, Traumas PTSD, Anxieties, Bereavement, Addictions etc. - and - You DO NOT have to talk repeatedly about your problem!

•  THE LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS - Your body is only as strong as its weakest link.  This Analysis assesses which of your Body-Systems, Nervous, Immune, Digestive, Glandular etc., are stressed and in need of the correct Nutritional Support.

Rumwood is a Place of Peace, Positivity and Light  -  LIGHT is 'Knowledge' -
 and those who come gain deeper self-awareness.  They discover that they can begin to understand, accept and release their problems and pain, realising that these have, in fact, been “challenges” which can be used for personal transformation.

Those who come to Rumwood KNOW that they are in need of making changes in their lives to help them gain better health – and inner peace and stability.

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