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Attunement to Reiki is a Gift to Yourself
It is a gift that is there whenever you want to use it - and it is a gift that is yours forever.  When you are Attuned you become a channel for Reiki Healing, and you can give it to yourself, to others, and to animals and plants.

Reiki can be used with all other Healing Practices
All Treatments and Therapies, both Orthodox and Holistic, are supported and enhanced by the addition of Reiki.

Reiki energises the Giver as well as the Receiver
It is a two-way healing and enables you to give your care and your caring to others, both at work and at home with your family, without experiencing the depleting effect of your energy being drained away.

Reiki helps you to keep going in a state of focused peace and calm,
no matter what!
And not only can you give Reiki to yourself, to your body, but it is also channelled through you to your mind and spirit.  Whatever problems, difficulties, fears and frustrations that you may be experiencing, Attunement to Reiki begins to clear away the blocks, the indecisions and the traumas that are holding you up in your life.

As you work with Reiki you begin to understand and accept yourself,
forgive and love yourself - you begin to heal
Through this inner self-process you are able to develop a deep understanding, an inner knowing, of "universal, unconditional compassionate Love".  You find that you are able to accept yourself as a part of this love, and, that it is also there within you for all other living things, those you like - and those you dislike!

Negative fixed attitudes and perceptions begin to shift.  You move into understanding and accepting from a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

Reiki moves you into a process of awakening and enlightenment
No matter what the issue is with which you are dealing, working WITH Reiki will lead you to finding the answer and the solution from within yourself, and it will never ask for more than you are able to cope with, or more than you are able to give, at any one time.

To begin this journey, all that you need is the Openness, the Willingness and the ego-less Intent to accept Reiki into your heart and your life.


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