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it is the manifestation of the Healing Power of Love

REI - Spirit and KI - Universal Life Energy

Together these two Japanese words mean Spiritual Energy, and together they are
the name of a natural, holistic, and completely safe System of Healing
which you can give to yourself as well as to others, and to animals and plants.

Reiki is the cosmic life energy that surrounds us, and is within us, and which flows through all living things.

Chi - Chinese, Ki - Japanese and Prana - Indian
Holistic Eastern Medicine and Philosophy has always known of, and used, this natural
and abundant source of healing power that can be channelled through us
whenever and wherever it is needed.

is the powerful, yet very gentle, generation of this Universal Life Energy which activates The Natural "Self-Healing" of the Body, Mind and Spirit.


Restores your sense of Self-Worth
- Your own power to take responsibility for yourself -
 It gives you the physical and spiritual strength and courage to make changes in your thoughts, attitudes and living, and so begin to create a happier and healthier life.

Reiki heals on all levels of our being
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.
As Reiki is channelled to you through a Reiki Practitioner, your higher awareness knows exactly where, and in what capacity, the Reiki Healing is most needed.

Sudden Injury and Acute Symptoms are rapidly reduced.
 The energy works to prevent the body's initial over-reaction to damage and pain.

Chronic Illness requires more time for Reiki to reach the core
of the dis-ease.
 In these cases Reiki opens the mind and spirit to the "causes" of our dis-ease and pain.
It goes to the deeper levels of our being where so much illness has its origin.

Reiki helps us to understand "why" we are sick - "why" we are unhappy - "why" we feel depressed - "why" repetitive negative situations always seem to come our way.

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