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  • Managing Stress and Tension
  • Supporting during Times of Crises, Depression, Illness, Death & Bereavement
  • Stimulating the Natural Healing of Acute & Chronic Ailments
  • Speeding Recovery after Surgery and Injury
  • Releasing Blocked Energies and Cleansing Toxins
  • Supporting Conventional Medicine & Minimising the Side-Effects of Drugs
  • Replenishing and Supporting Carers
  • Personal Growth and Self-Confidence
  • Promoting Harmony within Relationships
  • Perception of Inner Clarity, Wisdom, Intuition, Awareness and Enlightenment
After each treatment Reiki's healing effect works within you for up to 5 days.
Receiving regular Reiki Treatment helps to counteract the effects of Stress and Tension. Distressing Emotions are calmed, Problems and Worries are seen in perspective. Your "whole being" is rebalanced and you are able to relax into a state of deep peace and harmony.

If you are suffering a chronic illness or traumatic emotional disturbance most benefit is obtained by your receiving 3 to 5 consecutive treatments over 9 to 15 days.
During this sequence of intensive treatment your body's own healing ability is reactivated to greater effect with each treatment.

At this point being "Attuned to Reiki" is your next step. 
Then you can continue with your healing process 
by being able to channel Reiki to yourself.

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