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Reiki found me in the Spring of 1992
immediately after returning from an Alternative Healing Holiday in Spain the turning point in my, and my partner and husband Robin's, lives.

Rumwood, our home, became Rumwood  Light and Healing
a place of Peace and Positivity, Rest and Renewal for those experiencing stress and tension in their lives, and for those who feel they need support in their inner search for something "other".  During that summer the certainty of knowing that I wanted to be Attuned to Reiki grew stronger and stronger.

I received Reiki 1st Degree in the Autumn of 1992
coinciding with being told that both my eyes were rapidly becoming cataract.  Almost unbelievably I was able to accept the whole situation as a challenge - and with joy!  I realised that I was inwardly blind and had been given the gift of learning to see using my "inner sight".  With the total support of Reiki, I was able to accept the process with gratitude.

In October 1993 I was Attuned to Reiki 2nd Degree
Through practising, self-treatments, Reiki sharing, working with my Reiki Master, and with Robin, (who is now a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner & Trainer and Traditional Thai Healing Masseur), as we developed and ran our Healing Retreats - always a two-way learning experience! - Reiki gradually showed me myself, both a joyous and a humbling experience.

Receiving the Empowerment of the 1st Degree of "Enersence"
(Reiki Jin Kei Do & The Buddho System of Healing)
in June 1996 and the 2nd Degree in 1998
helped me to know that "yes", I was ready to give my total commitment to Reiki.

I was Attuned to the Mastership in October 1996 and began my Reiki Master Apprenticeship
and in July 1997 I knew “within myself” that I was ready to become a Master and a Teacher.

Attunement to Ascension Reiki in April 2000
and my developing work with Robin, using Reiki and Thought Field Therapy together as complementing therapies to support all who come to Rumwood, continues the transformation of my life and myself through Reiki. It is an amazing and wondrous experience.  Every day can be an adventure, fun and a challenge, anything can happen - and so often it does!

As a Reiki Master I am committed to "Being Reiki" - and to give this Profound Gift to all who ask to receive, with Love and Joy.

I am a Master Member - Practitioner & Teacher - of The UK. Reiki Federation.
A Member of The NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners.
A Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy Practitioner.   
A Herbal Nutritional Consultant.

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